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Ekbet Review India 2022

Ekbet Review India 2022

What parameters are important when choosing a Bookmaker?

For any player, the most important parameters when working with a bookmaker are:

Simplicity, high speed and a variety of methods of input / output of funds.

The speed of accepting bets.

Convenience of making transactions.

The presence of a wide range of matches with the most extensive painting in line and live.

Friendly support service.

The level of coefficients.

The convenience of the site.

Availability of a mobile version and applications.

Easy to deposit/withdraw funds.

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This is one of the main and first parameters that the player pays attention to when choosing a bookmaker. After all, no matter how excellent the office is in other aspects, if there is no way to replenish the account or withdraw money in a convenient way, then the player will most likely pass by such a Bookmaker.

A high-level bookmaker values his players and tries to withdraw funds within a few minutes after receiving a request from a player.

In addition, each bettor has his own favorite ways of withdrawing funds. For some, the best option is bank cards, for others it is an electronic wallet, for others it is some other cash or non-cash option. The more options for financial transactions a bookmaker can offer, the more players he will be able to attract to the ranks of his clients.

The speed of accepting bets.

Another parameter that immediately says that the bookmaker gives players a chance to earn and acts honestly towards them. In a good bookmaker, the time for concluding a deal is 3-6 seconds, in a less advanced and loyal to the players – more than 10 seconds. Such values can be critical in live, because too much can change in 10 seconds and you can simply miss an excellent opportunity for betting due to the sluggishness of the bookmaker.

The player can determine the rate of accepting bets independently. It is best to do this in live. To do this, you just need to mark the time that will pass from the confirmation of the bet by the player to its approval and acceptance by the bookmaker.

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