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Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co., Ltd. - green energy company

Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co., Ltd. - green energy company

Solar energy is a way of converting light energy into electricity through special devices or catalysts that conserve solar energy. There are two ways to convert solar energy into electricity, one is passive, when energy is accumulated without any devices, and active, with the help of certain equipment.

Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co., Ltd. - green energy company

The light energy of the sun.

Photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electricity by collecting photons of light, that is, small portions of energy in the sun's rays. We can use this type of energy through the collection of light rays and thereby provide the house with electricity.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity by means of interconnected photovoltaic silicon assembled in a block or in the form of a grid.

In order for the solar panel to work, it must be installed where there is enough sunlight. This panel can only generate 12 volts of direct current, so it will need to be converted to alternating current. Alternating current is equal to 100, 110, 220 volts (depending on the country) and this is enough for any electrical device to work in the house or in the country.

Thermal energy of the sun.

Accumulation of solar energy, but generating it into thermal energy. For example, the use of this energy for heating the house, getting hot water or for heating the pool, shower cabin.

The system for using the thermal energy of the sun is the same as for light, but the panel in this case works due to solar heat. Instead of mirror and flint panels, black panels with a thermal collector are used here, and instead of generating electricity, it turns solar energy into thermal energy. Such a benefit is obvious!

Concentrated energy of the sun.

For this system, lenses or reflective mirrors are needed to focus light energy on a small area and achieve a very high temperature so that the water boils and this sets in motion a steam turbine that generates electricity.

Systems for obtaining concentrated solar energy are not the same as for light panels, although there are also panels, not light, but reflective, which reflect all the light onto a column that generates heat sufficient for a steam turbine to work.

Cooking in the sun is an example of using the concentrated energy of the sun. A reflecting vessel is used that collects sunlight and directs it to a certain place that is heated by sunlight.

The solar energy concentration system is also used to generate electricity. It will be necessary to install a plate or a vessel in the form of a parabola on the house, but this requires a lot of space and due to the fact that a generator will be needed, it will be too noisy for the neighbors.

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