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Ozwin Mobile Casino

Ozwin Mobile Casino

Monkey entertainment machines are not as frivolous as it may seem at first glance. Behind the screen of colorful design and funny drawings hides a unique algorithm with which players can win large sums of money at Ozwin Casino.

Like any other entertainment device, this one has its own bonus structure, which is tied to specific pictures. The biggest win is achieved if the field is filled in one line with three star symbols with the logo of the game.

Ozwin Mobile Casino https://ozwin.net/mobile

Slot symbols at Ozwin Casino.

The most important and interesting symbol in the game is Crazy Monkey. When three or more Monkeys appear on the screen in any position, a casino bonus game consisting of two levels opens. In it, the player will have to pull the rope. At the same time, various bonuses in the form of good money will fall on top of Crazy Monkey, but there is also the possibility that something heavy will fall on it. In the case of big bets, Crazy Monkey saves the helmet from one heavy object and the game at Ozwin Casino becomes easier and more interesting.

If the monkey remains alive after 4 ropes, then the next level of the game will open, where the player will need to choose one of the two boxes offered. A successful choice will bring the player an even larger amount of money, which will add up to the previous amount for the first level. As you can see, the Monkey sign in the device is the most profitable.

Crazy Monkey entertainment machines also contain the sign of the golden skull, which acts as a wild, capable of replacing any other sign on the line. The symbol with the device's logo has the highest winning coefficients. Also, the signs in the online slot are represented by images of a lion, pineapples, a green snake, an anvil, bananas and butterflies.

For newcomers to the slot, there is support with information about the entertainment slot. It is located in the device menu. To get the required information, you need to click the "Help" button on the slot game panel at Ozwin Casino. Here players are provided with information about casino bonus games, the cost of each symbol in the slot machine, as well as the maximum winnings of the machine.


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